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Hello all! I am a brand new member so i like to introduce myself a bit. My name is Nico and i live in Belgium, (yeah thats europe!) I own a hudson hornet now for a couple of months. It is a hard top model and it is from building year 53 I bought it here in Belgium from someone who needs to sell it quick, so i could buy it for a low price (2500 euro) The car needs a complete restauration, body off!! The hornet is complete, i think only the taillights are missing. I allready start with the project, only front and rear axle are still under it. When that is finished, the car is ready for sandblasting. For me the hudson is very importend because i never have seen one here in Belgium. i also own a pontiac catalina ’66 in mind condition. The pictures that i add are from the first days i bought the car. I plan to build a mild custom of it. Is there anyone that can tell me where i can find a manual from the car, that would be a great help for me!

Greetz Nico