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indianracing wrote:
Thanks Sean, I`m trying not to put the horse before the cart, I still have to sell my 32 to get into this. Taking the time to get the knowledge will pay off in dividends when the right car comes along and then it will be a keeper. Either way, I still intend to drive the wheels off of it! I didn`t realize that there were two “Twin H” set ups, one for the 308 and one for the 262 ? I see what you are talking about as Mike from NZ I think has this problem with his air cleaners, (one hitting the wiper motor). I would be willing to get this coupe if he is interested in some sort of trade on the 32. Otherwise I will have to wait…. there is the Sept. 19th meet here in Florida of the Orange Blossom Chapter. No rush. As soon as you find something you`ve searched for another 3 turn up! I think this would be a great little brother to Stone`s Wasp 4 dr. ! He could be the Hudson King of France no less, Ha!!


Hi Art, That looks like a pretty nice car, if you do get it and it has the right aircleaner for the rear carb send me a pic of it. If this is a good car and you can find a way, do it , I know you say something will turn up but I spent about 5 years trying to find one, I know it’s more difficult from this side of the world and the right price but you will kick yourself if you can’t find one as good.

Hows that Harley going? Cheers Mike.