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Hmmm…. minuses…. It needs everything, basically, restored, to some degree. Love the door panels. Love the heater hose routing. yikes! It looks to me that the floors *might* be soft…. I like stepdowns, but not stepthrus… aircleaners not correct, but okay, probably added from a 54 motor, hence the red paint. way older resto… needs hard to find door trim… The pluses… nice color. seats are useable! looks to be all there rare car SWB coupe! it’s a super wasp, so it has the higher end trim on it, baby hornet….

Al in all, what do you get for a 10K BIN? is it really that overpriced, even if it needs some welding? I would think that if it is solid, then perhaps the 10K is fair, if it needs some perimeter work, floors, etc…. then maybe 7K at best. I kinda would be scared….