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OK, teal will work nicely with this, as you say, colour. Maybe you should just buy this one and transplant your interior. Good eye for the details. I picked up on a few additional items. Chassis looks clean with only a few spots the spray paint missed. Carbs redone properly, complete with black bases. All hose clamps incorrect. Rear shocks have coil over/helper springs. Old girl’s butt was sagging? Stainless screen on cowl intake should not be painted. Examples of spliced modern wiring. Is that an original trunk mat I see?

Say what you want about whoever burned a hole in the floor pan, but at least it was disclosed. Hopefully, the guy with the torch was not a moonlighting medical student learning laser surgery.

Given the fact that this car had 10 bids, and was at $12,000.00 within hours of listing, one would think it might easily sell for between $15,000.00 to $18,000.00.