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My favorite time of year to. It’s usually breezy and mild, with trees in all the colors (US spelling…wink, wink) of a rainbow. Leaves rustling around and the smell of burning leaves fill the air. The local farmer pulling a hay cart full of kids around is another local event. If the nights are cool, the smell of wood being burned in fireplaces also fills the air. Gee, I’m making it sound like we kick into pollution high gear for Halloween, but I digress. The only downers are the dam vole that snuck into the garage (and got beat to death) and the mice that try to get into the house…thank god for traps. No little ones here, so we don’t decorate for Halloween. We do have some really nice fall wreaths on the front doors though and the beds are alive with rust colored (see above) mums. I’ll admit to being the one who will pick-up a motorized bat or something along that line for my wife. Maybe I’ll put my light-up Marge Simpson (dressed as a witch) on my desk.

I hate to say it Sean, but I’ve heard that the place is spooky without the fog machine. But then again, I heard it from the neighbors…you know, the ones who complain when you wash your car while only wearing socks and gloves…those dam vial prudes.

When I was a little one, we’d trick or treat in the general vicinity of our house. Nothing really special to report other than the candy. I remember having a skeleton suite that was black and the bones were glow-in-the-dark…probably made from some toxic waste coating as was the custom then.

When we were old enough to drive…let’s just say we bought lots of eggs.

However, when my wife and I were dating, we went to a Halloween party (at a funeral home formerly owned by Frank Nitti of the Chicago mob) as a priest and a nun. Afterwords, we and several others went to Greek town (renowned ethnic drag in the city) to get a bite to eat. I was histerical, the waiter kept calling us father and sister and was quite confused about our drinking booze and kissing, even though we had Count Dracula and other ghouls at out table.


If you can’t convince them, confuse them.