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Yes I followed the procedure in the manual. 9 quarts start up and run to operating temp, then add fluid according to the dip. I drove out on the street today, exactly .1 mile. I felt the wonderful second to third shift, but when I came to spot where I could 3 point turn. The carb sucked some dirt in from the lawnmower tank I’m using, and she died. I forgot that I could clear this blockage by blowing into the tank with the throttle wide open. But luckily a neighbor saw I stalled and gave me a push, he thought the car was cool.

On a second note what is the normal operating temp of the Hudson supposed to be mine was at 160 degrees, but the exhaust manifold was smoking a lot, like steam. Is it just the rust burning off or is it the condensation that is being formed from semi-cold air on the block.