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hello forum, I just joined. I meet a guy up here in northern california who has a legit barn find, 30 years of sitting in a shed. it is a 39 4 door black. a little rust in the trunk but no none on the body, the interior is tore up but complete, the dash and gauges are great. the trim is nice, glass is perfect, and it comes with a second center grille (extra) however someone took the head off of this car YEARS ago. it is in the back seat but not on the motor. the stainless & chrone is all present. no body damage.

without pictures, give me an idea of what I shoudl pay for it. I don’t mind the restoration process, but at any point if I need to get out of this project I can’t lose money. I am thinking somewhere around $2500. does that sound about right or am I way over shooting this.