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 new hudson find

Parts Just found an amazing stash of 53-54 parts,nos and used,no junk.If anyone is looking for anything,I could probably build you a whole car,plus 1954 Hornet 4dr with 26,000 miles needing work that wil be for sale.Contact me will I'm sorting as it will take me months to catalogue the three garages full to the rafters.Truly the find of a lifetime! I'm in Pennsylvania 2hours south of the border,right off route 81.

Posted by 1953hudson1954 Monday, November 24, 2014 (19:54:26)

 My Hudson Story by Gary Pippel

Hudson Stories It all began with a beautiful 1937 Nash Ambassador, model #3782, a 2 door coupe that came off the line with a 2 tone gray color and bright chrome plated hubcaps. It was a beautiful automobile with a wheelbase of 125 inches. A far cry from driving hand me down Model A’s that he had re-built in the back yard for years. This car was bathed in chrome. The large vertical grille, the headlamp rims and of course the bumpers all had chrome.

This car was a sporty car. It had small side windows in the sail panel that curved away and down to the beltline. It was so much different than the cars before it and this car came off the line at $855. It also had 2 extra seats in the back that swung out making it a 5 seater. Even back then he had thoughts of marrying his girlfriend and someday having children. These 2 seats were a plus because the car gave one a feeling that it was sporty but had those extra seats for a family. And what placed this car above many others was the rear deck mounted spare tire. That and the swing away seats guaranteed the owner of having a sporty car and a family car all in one.

Times were good for this man. He had met the woman of his love in high school. It was between wars. He had a job and was about to graduate from high school. The government was working hard to get the economy going again from the Great Depression and the economy was starving. His rubber bands, rivets and miscellaneous sheet metal and engines that had been re-built 1 too many times finally gave out. Out there was this like new Nash and a deal was struck.

This car looked beautiful in the driveway. He took many pictures of it to prove it. It was driven all over the Midwest and he maintained this car just like the Model A’s of before. By this time this Nash was getting old a new war was on the horizon and any and all assembly lines across America were instructed by the president to start making war goods. There were no more cars available. And the thousands of men that left their homeland and went away to fight the war, many cars were hidden in barns, thus this is why we use the term “BARN FINDS” today. The men that stayed home were fortunate to have what they had so maintenance became an every day conversation. And for the young readers there were no Jiffy-Lubes to go to for an oil change. For the most part oil changes exhaust systems were attended to at home.

With the end of the war in sight this young man and his wife decided to start a family. Times were good again so on January 1, 1945 they had a son. Boy was he glad that the Nash had a swing away seat in the back and a spare tire mounted on the rear deck. That perfect coupe would continue to be his pride and joy for a few more years. I say a few more years because the car was starting to show some signs of wear. The heater no longer was putting out the heat that was required in the rust belt. The wiring was shorting out and when his wife went to pick him up at the factory the car started to smoke. The baby was in the back swing away seat and the miles on this Nash were limited. A little wiring and she was good as new again until she started smoking again.

It was now around 1950 and his little boy was 5 years old and there was now son, #2. Even though the Nash had 2 swing away seats and the heater was barely working and the wiring was smoking it was time to let her go. At the factory all the men were talking about this new beauty that was winning all the races at the Nascar circuits. And she was a Hudson. This baby was low, long, smooth and ready to fight. This was the first year with a fresh and modern design since the war. Hudson marketed it as the “Step-Down Design.” There just happen to be a used 1948 Commodore on the lot and he had to have her. She was a 2 door bathed in #RM Maroon and the interior was in a common gray cloth. I have to say that his #1 son, even though he was only 5 at the time was influential in the purchase. His wife set the guidelines on what could be spent and financed but the rest was up to driver.
Read More... (11.54 KB) |
Posted by 51hornet Thursday, October 21, 2010 (01:03:38)

 HUDSON car show in Kansas video

Hudson Meets Here is a short video of a HUDSON car show in Hutchinson KS, 2009.

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Posted by Gino Monday, September 27, 2010 (22:13:50)

 Dana 44 Conversions

Parts Folks, I am reposting here a nice writeup by Mark Hudson on the upgrading of the Dana 44 rear ends for Hudsons. Its really great info for the Hudson community and I wanted it easily accessible. Here it is: I wanted to resurrect this thread to bring some more information to light regarding the Dana 44 rear end. As you may know, the Fairborn Axle conversion to update to flanged axles is available even now. However, budgets being tight for yours truly, I wanted to do something a bit more sequential in terms of spending my money and eventually getting to the same place. The Fairborn Kit is $495.00. The original tapered axles are 19 spline to work with your existing carrier, or they can have axles made that have the newer 30 spline end. I called the folks at Reider Racing, as Park suggested. The reason was to hunt down the different carriers that are still made for 19 spline axles. Something interesting came up in the discussion. The original limited slip carrier as used by both Studebaker and the original 427 Shelby Cobra (Dana 44 equipped), is still available new. And guess what, its 19 spline. And, its the preferred piece for restorers of the previous mentioned vehicles as it is able to be certified as original. Reported by Reider also to be the best limited slip/positraction carrier out there for street driven vehicles.

Link to the Carrier in question:


Its an original Dana Powr-Lock. Cost is $400.00 This means, you can replicate the Jack Clifford hop up of using a Studebaker Twin-Track (Its actually the Dana Powr-Lok) with the rear ratio of your choice, which is also Dana original gears @ $159.00. By using a 19 spline carrier, you can get up and going with your original tapered axles and be able to switch to the Fairborn flanged axles of 19 spline later. Or, all at once. You will also have to buy a new pinion yoke for the finer pinion splines produced currently. Dana Power-Lock = $400.00 Dana Ring Gear and Pinion = $159.00 Dana 44 Overhaul kit = $100.00 New pinion yoke = $30.00 For $689.00, you have a posi-traction Dana 44 rear end of the ratio of your choosing. That you can also update with flanged axles for and additional $495.00. If the flanged axles are a bit much, you can run your original tapered/hubbed axles. If it was good enough for Carroll Shelby - I think it will hold about as much as anybody here is going to unleash upon it. and the good thing is, nobody will be able to tell anything about it - Its all Hudson from the outside with no fuss in the swapping. Mark Hudson

Posted by 51hornet Tuesday, October 10, 2006 (21:54:25)

 Restoration vs Buying a Nice Hudson

Buying a Hudson You have to ask yourself why you want a to own a Hudson. There are some of us myself included that would try to rebuild a complete car if the only part you had to start with was the left rear lug nut. I like to tinker. I grew up in a garage. I started hanging out in my Dad's garage when I was six. By 12 I had rebuilt many engines and stripped down a lot of cars. So I like to work on old cars.

Not every one has the skills necessary to do the work. Don't let that deter you. Join a club like HET find owners in your area and go out, join in and learn. Then just take your time and you will find its a fun and enjoyable pastime.

If you love Hudsons and you are weighing the option of buying a nice car versus buying a fixer upper. Look at how much money and effort you want to expend. You can spend more fixing one up than you can if you just look for a nice example. There are a nice set of Wasps on ebay now and I saw a 54 Hornet go for cheap that would have been nice with a new paint job and some minor maintenance.

Always make the decision yourself and don't let people deter you. Preserving a Hudson is a noble cause, at least thats what I tell my wife. Laughing

Find a nice site (like mine,shameless plug) join, get stuck in and ask lots of questions. There is nothing a Hud owner likes more than talking about their cars. Hudsons are all about community so don't be afraid to join in.

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Posted by 51hornet Saturday, April 23, 2005 (04:03:12)

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